geb. 1963 in obergoesgen, aufgewachsen in triengen CH

lebt und arbeitet in basel

- handwerkliche ausbildung mit ausweis

- vorkurs und basiserweiterungsklasse "raum + körper", an der schule für gestaltung basel

- kursleiter und animator für kinder und jugendliche "werken + gestalten", der stadt luzern

- selbständigerwerbend /freischaffend

- kursleiter für "malen + zeichnen im atelier", kulturraeume in allschwil

- kursleiter fortbildungskurs "malen + zeichnen", VKW in binningen

ankäufe und anerkennungen

- 2012 ankauf des universitätsspitals basel

- 2012 fassadenbild, sperrstrasse 8, basel

- 2009 ankauf der gemeinde allschwil BL

- 2006 preis CSS stiftung für das lehrmittel "Wenn mir die Worte fehlen"

Martin Gyger is a Swiss artist. He studied in Basel and has been living there since 1994. In his artwork, he focuses on exploring the relation between space and area in different manners, both with drawing, painting and sculpture. His figurative work is an important counterpoint where he strives to find his own expression rather than making pleasant portraits.

In addition he also teaches children and adults in painting, art and craft.

Martin is available for private commissions and business contracts, in different drawing and painting techniques, e.g. marker, water color, oil pencil, oil, acrylic and digital media. See the illustration portfolio for examples. And also, do not hesitate to provide examples or descriptions of a desired style, if you do not see it in the portfolio.

Most of the artwork shown in the art section is for sale. Please contact Martin for pricing.

Studio visits by appointment .

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